Ariëns Document Template, Logos, Flyer Templates...

Need to design a poster, flyer or other kind of document in the house style of Ariëns Catholic Students? Download here a dotx-template, including logos, images and our colours.

Ariëns Colours:
Monsignoric Fuchsia: CMYK 16,84,1,0 or RGB 204,51,153 or #CC3399
Liturgical Green: CMYK 89,39,57,4 or RGB 0,102,102 or #006666
Dark Gold: CMYK 33,61,99,1 or RGB 153,102,0 or #996600

Find here the Ariëns Mission Pack with posters and flyers:

Note: please always accompany the logo by a link to, or with the notation of (without www!) in the same document, on the same poster or flyer or other media expression. If there is not enough space you could also use the address

For pictures you can go to our Picasaweb photo album:

For free stock images go here: